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The idea and development of the two way radio dates back over one hundred years in history and the basic principles are still used today when designing new radios. They are proven to be efficient and cost effective and used by a wide range of varying industries. In this post we briefly look at the history of the two way radio.

History Of The Two Way Radio

Many people credit the National Electric Signalling Company in 1907 for inventing transatlantic communications but some people believe Heinrich Hertz, a German scientist was the first. He proved in 1888 that wireless electrical waves could be sent as well as received. The unit frequency Hertz was subsequently named after him.
The two way radio recognised today, was developed during the Second World War and after that became increasingly popular for not only business but also personal use. It was developed by Donald Hings, an engineer called Alfred Gross and the Galvin Manufacturing Company, later renamed Motorola. It was originally called the handie-talkie and the first model was the Motorola SCR-300.
By 1912 two way radios were being used at sea by the navy as radio transmitters and receivers. A prime example of how beneficial this equipment was and still is can be found in our history books. The Titanic used the equipment to summon help on her maiden voyage. How many more would have perished that fateful night if other vessels had been not alerted to her plight?
The first ‘mobile’ radio is credited to Frederick William Downie, a policeman, who made it possible for the Australian police force to benefit from using two way radios in its patrol cars.
There are so many people who claim to have developed the walkie talkie but no one can deny that Motorola is the world leader in successfully developing and producing world class radios.
Walkie Talkies are now used worldwide by all types of industries.  Prices vary widely from the cheaper license exempt radios readily sold on the high street to the more expensive digital and intrinsically safe models.  More powerful radio requires a license from Ofcom.
Two way radios now come with an array of accessories. Rechargeable batteries, belt clips and multi charging units as well as single chargers to name a few. There is a jack point to enable the use of ear pieces, headsets and speaker mics. Most radios have a choice of aerials to allow maximum efficiency.


What originally started as a military aid is now used worldwide not only for business use but for personal use too. Two way radios are a vital tool in helping a wide range of industries run efficiently. They are versatile, economical and robust. No more costly telephone bills, no more chasing around trying to find a member of staff, instructions can be acted on immediately. In other words… always in touch!
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