Why hire radios when I can purchase them?

Purchasing radios requires capital. Depending on the type and quantity, it could be a sizeable sum. Once your radio fleet is up and running, what do you do if someone has an accident? Radios get dropped in swimming pools, run over by a dumper truck or lost somewhere in the sand bunker by the 3rd hole. It happens, that’s life but are you now a radio short?

One idea is to purchase extra units for redundancy. A spare radio that can be used whilst the broken radio is away for repair but alas that requires more upfront capital.


Hiring radios gives you the flexibility of replacing faulty or damaged radios next day but most importantly abolishes all the responsibilities of purchasing your own. The need for a potentially large up front sum is not required. Radios that develop a fault are replaced. In most cases it is financially sensible to hire as less investment is required and payment are smaller sums paid monthly.

Should you need to reduce the quantity in use, units can be returned and monthly payments adjusted. This is not a luxury enjoyed when maintaining your own hire fleet where unused radios sit on a shelf gathering dust.

Motorola DP4800 Two-Way Radio Digital Full Display & Keypad

Peace of Mind

By hiring radios you have the peace of mind knowing that the radios are regularly serviced, the batteries are good and the accessories are fully tested.

Should you experience an accident or equipment failure, we will get replacement equipment out to you the very next day. Should equipment be physically damaged or lost, as with your own equipment, you are still responsible for the replacement cost.
Should you still wish to pursue purchasing your own radios, we recommend you avoid nonprofessional licence exempt radios. The output is generally less than one watt, the reception poor and anybody can use those frequencies leaving communication prone to eavesdropping or unwanted guests.