Hire Two Way Radios Birmingham

Hire Two Way Radios Birmingham – Don’t underestimate the benefit of reliable and cost effective communications. Avoid patchy cellular network coverage and large phone bills! Take advantage of walkie-talkies at affordable prices that provide you with quick access, reliable communications.

When you are looking to hire two way radios in Birmingham, regardless of whether you are hiring 100 radios for an event at the NEC, 50 radios for an art exhibition at Birmingham University or just a 10 radio requirement for a wedding at Hornton Grange, Comsco can arrange it. We can arrange delivery straight to the site so they can be ready and waiting for your arrival. One less thing to remember to pack! All the radios will arrive fully charged so something else you do not have to consider. Their subsequent collection at the end of the hire period is also all under our control.

We have a substantial stock of radios in our hire fleet, both UHF and VHF (s. our article for more information). Accessories are also available for hire. They include ear pieces, noise cancelling headsets as well as carrying holsters and straps.

If you are planning an event of any size and need too hire two way radio equipment in Birmingham, then contact the Comsco team now on 0800 369 9123 for an instant quotation and give yourself one less thing to worry about.

Walkie Talkie Radio Hire & Repair Experts UK
Walkie Talkie Radio Hire & Repair Experts UK

Why Hire From Comsco?

We have an in house engineer who regularly services not only our walkie-talkies but also analyses the batteries so we can offer you the most reliable equipment.  For added peace of mind, we supply extra radio bodies and spare batteries free of charge. All this goes a long way in ensuring your event in Birmingham runs as smoothly as possible.

  • Local repeater stations and aerial masts for greater range.
  • Noise-canceling headsets for extreme noise environments.
  • Earpieces and headsets for convenient or covert communications.
  • Long or short-term hires.
  • High Band UHF (Ultra High Frequency) Radios availble for urban / built-up areas to ensure signal penetration.
  • High Band VHF (Very High Frequency) Radios availble for outdoor / less built up areas for greater coverage.

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