Two Way Radio Hire Derby

Two Way Radio Hire Derby | Walkie-Talkie Hire Derby | Local Radio Hire Derby

Two Way Radio Hire in Derby could not be easier! We are situated in Leek, Staffordshire, which is within driving distance of Derby. Should you need your radio equipment in a hurry, feel free to collect!

If a next day delivery service is more convenient, we utilise national couriers to deliver our hire equipment. Through these couriers we can offer a 24 hour or 48 hour service depending on your requirements. Delivery can be arranged for specified time slots should this be needed.

As a courtesy with all our hires, we provide chargers, spare batteries and if applicable spare ear-pieces at no extra cost. All our radio equipment is regularly and thoroughly inspected and maintained to ensure reliability for your event.

Client safety is paramount to us at Comsco. We only use genuine Motorola batteries in our hire fleet, known for their safety and reliability. Non genuine batteries do not offer the same level of short circuit protection as genuine Motorola batteries.

About Comsco

At Comsco, we have over 30 years of experience in the radio communications industry. We sell, repair and hire two way radio equipment. You can count on Comsco to provide a excellent, no nonsense, reliable service with technical support should you need it. We strive to ensure you have a system that works because in the modern age, communications are critical for both safety and security. Many local authorities now insist on dedicated radio communications for all public events!

Walkie Talkie Radio Hire & Repair Experts UK
Walkie Talkie Radio Hire & Repair Experts UK

Please visit our Hire Page for further information. You can also call us directly on 01538 388550 or email to arrange a quotation.

  • Local repeater stations and aerial masts for greater range.
  • Noise-canceling headsets for extreme noise environments.
  • Earpieces and headsets for convenient or covert communications.
  • Long or short-term hires.
  • High Band UHF (Ultra High Frequency) Radios availble for urban / built-up areas to ensure signal penetration.
  • High Band VHF (Very High Frequency) Radios availble for outdoor / less built up areas for greater coverage.
  • Spare Batteries will be provided to cover half of the total radio hire.
  • Six-Way Chargers and Single Rapid Chargers.
  • Spare radio body (without battery or antenna) to be used to replace a radio should a fault occur.
  • Should you hire earpieces then one or more spares will be provided depending on hire quantity.