Radio Hire Frequently Asked Questions

What range do the radios cover?

This is a very hard question to answer accurately without conducting a site visit. Varying factors affect the performance levels. In an urban environment the surrounding buildings would impair coverage and likewise in the country the radios would not be able to penetrate through mountains. In the line of sight it has been known for a radio to cover up to 5 kilometres!

If range is an issue, we are able to provide Repeater Systems that substantially boost the signal.

What is the minimum hire period?

The minimum hire period is one week. Should the radios not be required for that long we are more than happy to despatch them a couple of days early to enable the operatives to familiarise themselves with the equipment.

Do we collect or do you deliver the radios?

The choice is entirely yours. Our office is based in Staffordshire and we are operational 52 weeks of the year. Should this not be viable we use a very reliable courier and can offer timed deliveries of before 09.00, 10.00 or 12.00am at a small premium to suit your needs.

How do I arrange for their collection?

Just let us know at Comsco that the consignment is cable tied shut and ready for collection and we will organise a courier to come in and collect with a consignment label.

How can I keep a check on the radios whilst on hire?

We think of everything at Comsco. A log in / out sheet is sent out with every hire.

What do I get free of charge with the radios?

You will receive the charging stations (either a six way or single rapid chargers depending on the size of the hire), spare batteries, belt clips and aerials.

What different earpieces do you provide?

We have D shape and Acoustic tube ear pieces for hire. We also offer noise cancelling headsets for concerts and other such events.

How do I work the ear pieces?

Every ear piece comes with instructions and is firmly plugged into the accessory port before switching radio on. We always add a couple of extra ear kits in the unlikely event of a fault.

How many channels do the radios have?

The Motorola CP040 comes with either 4 or 16 channels according to your requirements.

Will the batteries last?

All Comsco batteries are the latest lithium ion and last for up to 16 hours. They are also considerably lighter than the Nickel Metal Hydride model and regularly analysed in our workshop to monitor their capacity.   For peace of mind and to ensure continuity of use, we include 50% spare batteries with every hire FOC.

Will I have to charge the batteries when I first receive them?

No, all batteries are fully charged prior to despatch and as Li-Ion hold their charge so no need for top ups before your event.

How do we pay?

New clients are asked to pay prior to despatch. All future hires are invoiced and our payment terms are 30 days.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

No. We do a credit check on all new clients. Should you be a sole trader we are more than happy to hire providing adequate proof of identity is provided.

Can we keep the radios longer than the requested time?

Yes we are well stocked and can easily accommodate extension of hires.

Do you hire for long-term use?

Yes we do. Just call for a quotation.

Where can I see a copy of your terms and conditions?

This is accessible via our website and a copy is also attached to the hire note.

Are we covered on your insurance?

No. You must arrange your own insurance to cover the replacement cost in the unlikely event of loss, theft or damage.  In our industry the hirer is responsible for all the equipment whilst in their possession.

What is the best choice of radio for my hire VHF or UHF?

Outside or Rural Event

Very High Frequency (VHF) is the preferred option for hires in a rural / outdoor setting. VHF radios provide a power output of 5 watts and with the longer wave length can carry your transmission further than UHF.

Indoors or Built-up Area Event

Ultra High Frequency (UHF) is a narrower wavelength. As a result it is easier for the signal to penetrate man-made structures such as concrete, brick, steel etc. The trade off for this though is a reduced range as the radio is limited to 4 watts and the narrower wave-length does not travel as far.

Do you hire ear pieces for long-term hires?

Not gladly and we strongly recommend the purchase of your own for long-term use. In our experience a bought ear piece is a better looked after one and this eliminates any hygiene issues from multiple users for the hirer. We sell both top of the range Kevlar ear kits with either D, C or Acoustic tube attachment or a slightly lower tier Kevlar-reinforced model.

Time to hire some radios

We cater for all types of event hire, from two radios for a small event to hundreds of radios and accessories for Theme Park events. All our equipment undergoes a maintenance check prior to dispatch and we can offer a fast, free replacement in the unlikely event that your original hire equipment develops a fault. For short-term hires, spare radio bodies are supplied for complete peace of mind.

Our Radio Hire services can provide you with:

Local repeater stations and aerial masts for greater range.
Noise-cancelling headsets for extreme noise environments.
Earpieces and headsets for convenient or covert communications.
Hand-held two-way radios.
Desk top radios with fist or desk microphones.
In car mobile radios with fist microphones.

Long or short-term hires are available.

Discounts available the longer the hire and the greater the amount of radios.