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Low Cost, High Quality Radio Hire


We have over 30 years experience providing radio hire services.


Our radio specialists ensure you get the optimum coverage.


Our hire radios are high quality and frequently serviced.

At Comsco, we have over 30 years’ experience within the Two Way Radio Hire / Walkie Talkie Hire industry. Our extensive radio hire fleet consists of only Motorola radios which are well built, robust, and reliable. With these qualities, Motorola are the favoured brand by many emergency services across the world.

When you rent walkie talkies, regardless of price, you expect the equipment to be up to the job. That is why our radio hire equipment is regularly inspected, tested and analysed to ensure it is at its best. We know all our clients needs for buisiness radio rentals are as varied as the industries they represent. We offer various radio hire terms accordingly with the benefit of discounts the longer the duration you require the hire radios.

Our radio hire / walkie talkie hire prices are extremely competitive. Unit price discounts are available according to the quantity of radios you require and the duration you need to rent walkie talkies. We pride ourselves on striving to help our customers get the most for their money.

Whether you require six-way or single rapid chargers, these are provided free of charge when you rent walkie talkies. For redundancy, a spare radio body (a radio without battery or aerial) is also included at no expense so that you’re covered in the event of a fault. By simply moving the battery and antenna to the spare radio, communication can be resumed without the need to request and wait for a replacement hire radio.

All radio hires are tailored to meet our client’s specific needs. We will ask for a few details about the type of event and the location to determine which frequency band would be best suited. Should the location need a wide area of coverage or be subject to interference we will discuss the option of a radio repeater system to cover this.

Harbour workers monitoring containers being loaded using two-way radio communication
Harbour workers monitoring containers being loaded using two-way radio communication
Two Way Radio Repair Service UK
Two Way Radio Repair Service UK
Remote Speaker Microphone for Emergency Services
Remote Speaker Microphone for Emergency Services

Genuine Motorola Batteries That Are Safe and Reliable

All our hire radios come equipped with genuine Motorola Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries. These are 25% lighter than the standard Nickel Metal Hydride batteries (NiMH), and also perform for up to 16 hours! For every radio hire, we provide 50% spare batteries free of charge. This will ensure the communications at your event will run without interruption.

Our radio hire fleet batteries are regularly inspected and analysed. Prior to despatch, all our batteries are fully charged, saving you the need and inconvenience of having to charge any batteries. Beware of cheap imitation Li-Ion batteries and the bad press they have received over the risk of fire and explosion!

Quality Audio Accessories

To operate our hire radios hands-free, we offer different types of ear pieces and headsets to hire:

  • D-Shape Kevlar-Reinforced One Wire Ear Kit – This has proven to be our most popular among customers as it is very simple to wear and operate. The ear piece is worn over the ear.
  • Covert Acoustic Tube Kevlar-Reinforced Two Wire Ear Kit – This has a curly, acoustic tube attachment worn inside the ear. The additional wire can be worn down a jacket sleeve to be used more discretely at special events.
  • Noise Cancelling Head Set – These sit over the ears and look like large head phones. Best suited for noisy environments.
  • Remote Speaker Microphone – Also known as Fist Mics. This is held in hand.

Should you choose to hire ear pieces, we provide free of charge a spare ear piece should you develop a fault. A user card can be found in each individual pouch instructing on how to connect the ear piece.

Larger-Scale Radio Hire Events

Larger-scale radio hire events may require a site survey in advance to test the hire radio coverage, determine where to best site the base station and to generally get a feel for requirements. This can be arranged with one of our in-house engineers. On completion of the site visit, our engineer is then able to do a risk assessment and method statement for the event Health and Safety officer. An engineer can also be available to come along during setup to tune, test and commission the equipment and likewise decommission at the end of the radio hire.

For the more adventurous, we also offer instruction sheets for those who wish to install the repeater equipment themselves with the walkie talkie hire. In this case, just the walkie talkie hire and carriage charges apply.

Radio Hire from a company you can trust


We use only Motorola Walkie Talkies in our radio hire fleet. They are recognised as the leading brand in two-way communication.


Motorola are known for the reliability of their Walkie Talkies and are used by emergency services worldwide.

Ready for action

All our equipment is regularly checked, analysed and tested so that it’s not just ready for use but at peak performance.

Why Opt For Walkie Talkie Hire Rather Than Use Mobile Phones?

You have a mobile phone, why would you rent walkie talkies? Well, there are several reasons why Walkie Talkie Hire is a better option when deciding on how your staff should communicate with each other.

Better Productivity With Walkie Talkie Hire

Improved communications will improve productivity.  Walkie Talkies are considerably cheaper to operate than costly mobile phone bills. They minimise idle time and therefore also improve profits.


No phone number needs to be dialled, no being greeted by an engaged tone and also no annoying ring tones.  If there are several members of the team on the same channel, by calling their name at the start of the conversation you will alert who you need to talk to.  Information can also be delivered to the whole team without the need of endless repetition.  Because the message is heard at the same time there are also no misinterpretations. You can control who is on which channel, allowing specific information being given to the necessary people.

Health and Safety officers favour Walkie Talkies over mobile phones as in the event of an accident / incident, action can be taken straight away to notify the necessary departments.


Critical information is shared easily and quickly with key personnel so decisions can be made quicker and the new information can be relayed to other personnel straight away.


Companies have seen significant cash flow improvements when changing to Walkie Talkies.  A set amount is paid each month when hiring radios regardless of usage.

Keeping Track Of Your Hire Radios

At the start of each walkie talkie hire, login and logout sheets are provided to keep track of all the hire radios and ear pieces whilst they are issued out to your team. This ensures that any radio hire kit can be tracked to their user and recovered if missing. (Please note: radio hire equipment is not insured and is the responsibility of the client to ensure adequate cover is taken out in the event of loss or damage beyond economical repair as is standard practice in the radio hire industry.)

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Unpacking Your Radio Hire

What's In The Box?

In the hire you will find, if ordered or required:

  • Quantity of genuine Motorola spare batteries
  • Spare Radio Body
  • Six Way Chargers and/or Single Rapid Chargers with Power leads and/or Power Supplies
  • Kevlar reinforced D-Shape and/or Acoustic Tube Ear-Pieces
  • Holsters and Straps
  • Repeater System, Antenna, Tripod and Power Lead
  • Base Station, Power Supply, Antenna, Microphone and Power Supply
  • Noise Cancelling Headsets

Spare batteries and chargers are provided free of charge to keep your communications up and running. Depending on the hire a spare radio body or two will be provided so that it can be exchanged should a radio suffer damage or failure.


If you require ear-pieces then these will be included at an additional charge. These are individually bagged and each has instruction on a card so that the user can easily install and use it. Also available are Noise Cancelling Headsets for nosier environments.

Holsters and Straps are provided on request at an additional cost. Some clients find it easier to carry and use the radio this way.

Base Stations provide a fixed station with extended coverage to serve for operations where as a Repeater provides a boost to the overall area coverage. These are provided on request at an additional charge for larger events or events with poor coverage.

So, it’s the day of your hire and the hire radios are in. It’s time to unpack the kit. What can you expect to find?

On receipt of your Hire Radios, you will find them either boxed, in a Peli Case, in a Green Crate or a combination of these depending on the radio hire quantity and duration.

All the hire radios will be fully charged before despatch and ready to use straight out of the box but it’s always best practice to check each radio before issuing to your team. On occasions hire radios can get turned when knocked in transit so these may require a recharge. Check each radio is turned off (volume control is turned fully counter-clockwise). By turning the control clockwise the hire radios will indicate they power up by either beeping and/or lighting the top LED green for a moment.

If you find any radios where the volume control clicks as you turn it counter-clockwise, it’s likely the radio has been knocked on during transit. You can either place this radio on charge or if it’s needed for immediate use then swap the battery for a spare provided with the hire.

  • Local Repeater Stations and Aerial Masts  to boost the range of the Walkie Talkies.
  • Noise-Cancelling Headsets for extreme noise environments.
  • Earpieces and Headsets for convenient or covert communications.
  • Long or short-term walkie talkie hire.
  • Support available via phone and e-mail.
  • Site visits available on request.
  • High Band UHF (Ultra High Frequency) walkie talkies available for urban / built-up areas to ensure signal penetration.
  • High Band VHF (Very High Frequency) walkie talkies available for outdoor / less built up areas for greater coverage.
  • Repeater Stations and Aerial Masts are available to boost coverage.
  • Spare Batteries will be provided to cover half of the total walkie talkie hire.
  • Six-Way Chargers and Single Rapid Chargers to compliment your hire radios.
  • Spare walkie talkie / radio body (without battery or antenna) to be used to replace a hire radio should a fault occur.
  • When hiring earpieces one or more spares will be provided depending on the rental quantity.
  • Support available via Phone and E-Mail

Do you frequently hire radios? Impressed with the reliability of our radio hire equipment?

We are a registered re-seller of:

  • Motorola.
  • Hytera.
  • Icom.
  • Entel.
  • Kenwood.
  • Impact.

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