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Two Way Radios in Schools & Colleges

Teachers, caretakers and dinner ladies are all reaping the benefits of being able to communicate at the push of a button thanks to the use of two way radios in Schools And Colleges. Messages can be sent immediately notifying staff of accidents or incidents that have on occasion even saved lives.

Professional high-powered radios, aka walkie talkies, are the preferred option as they have significantly more power than the ½ watt licence-exempt models and therefore greater coverage.

The radio signal around the whole school site is often boosted by the installation of a repeater base station. Powered at 25 watts the signal penetrates buildings, lift shafts and can reach to the outer perimeter of the school field.

At Comsco we only charge during term time for our rented radios thus helping schools achieve a considerable saving. Radios are serviced annually and new batteries fitted to ensure smooth running of the radio system without the worry of expensive repair bills or replacement items.

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