Walkie Talkie Radio Hire & Repair UK
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Should you hire or buy a two way radio? At Comsco we know that no two companies are the same so we like to take time to find out about you, so we can advise on the best solution to your communication needs.  There are pros and cons for both hiring and purchasing.  Please find below the reasons why hiring the radio may be a better option for both you and your company.

Short Term Radio Hire

  • No large initial financial outlay.
  • Choice of varying the number of radios hired depending on size of the event.
  • Choice of either UHF or VHF depending on the location of your event.
  • No costly repair bills and radios not being available to use.
  • Ear pieces provided.
  • Charging stations provided free of charge.
  • Spare Batteries provided free of charge.
  • Radios arrive fully charged and ready to use.
  • Radios arrive where you need them rather than having to transport them there yourselves.
  • Radios can also be collected from the event address and all organised by Comsco.
  • Up to 30 day payment terms.
  • Extra radio body or bodies (depending on size of hire) provided with every hire to be used in the unlikely event of a radio failure.
  • No need to apply for a licence.

Long-Term Radio Hire

  • No large initial financial outlay.
  • Flexibility of number of radios you can hire.  If you need extra radios for an event just call and they will be despatched to you and collected.
  • Faulty radio? Faulty charger? – A replacement is despatched on a next day service and the faulty equipment is collected, too.
  • Our in-house engineer will arrange for the radios to be serviced at a time convenient to you.  If this is not possible the radios will be replaced so you have continuity of use.
  • No need to apply for a licence.

Should you decide that purchasing the equipment is a better option for you then the following information may be beneficial?

  • Once you have made the initial financial outlay then there is no monthly charge.
  • The repair and servicing of the equipment would need to be organised by yourselves.
  • If you are purchasing professional radios then you will also need to apply for a licence from OFCOM (Office of Communications).

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