Construction Walkie Talkies | Construction Radio Hire

Construction and demolition depend on reliable communications. Operating tower cranes, moving heavy loads, noisy and dangerous environments require immediate communications to ensure every-bodies safety. Comsco is trusted by some of the largest construction companies in the UK! We provide construction radio hire, construction radio sales, repairs and bespoke built in-house accessories to support our customers unique requirements.

If you are planning a new project, no matter the size, you will be aware of the importance of good communication during its duration.

Equipment You Can Rely On

All our equipment is tested and analysed prior to despatch to ensure it is fit for the demanding job ahead. Our construction walkie talkies are supplied with brand new and genuine Motorola batteries.  Construction sites are no place for cheap alternative batteries. The risk of a fire from a shorted or dropped battery is too great to save a few pounds on batteries not featuring Motorola’s battery protection technology. Our chargers and power leads are frequently PAT checked for electrical safety.

Support When You Need It

We offer a complete construction radio hire solution, whatever your needs with ongoing technical support available over the phone to ensure constant reliable communications.  As the project progresses we can provide replacement or additional equipment as your needs require. If you need a temporary communications infrastructure setting up, or you just want to extend your existing communications through additional radio’s or equipment then we can help.

Bespoke Packages To Suit Your Needs

Our construction hire packages cater for projects of any size. We can supply just two radios, to hundreds on either a weekly hire or monthly hire basis. To supplement each handheld we can supply our construction walkie talkies with ear pieces, noise cancelling headsets, a spare battery and desktop or bank chargers. Additional accessories are available, just ask us for more information when you call.

Construction Radio Hire | Construction Walkie Talkies
Construction Radio Hire | Construction Walkie Talkies

Replacements When You Need Them

We expect damage to construction radio hire equipment from the nature of the environment. Minor accessories such as antennas and belt-clips breaking, dirt and scratches to equipment, exhausted batteries are to be expected and are covered by the package. Unless equipment is destroyed or lost, you will not expect any extra charges. We will exchange radios that become faulty or damaged on site, replace broken antennas or belt clips and exchange misbehaving batteries with a quick turn around to ensure any delays in your project are minimised.

Contact Us

Call us on 01538 388550 or email us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements, provide a solution and no obligation quote.

What’s Included?

Our Construction Radio Hire services can provide you with:

  • No unexpected replacement costs for wear and tear from use in the construction industry
  • Fast turnaround for replacement radios and equipment
  • User and site technical support
  • Reprogramming or bespoke licences to avoid interference
  • Earpieces, headsets and remote speaker mics for convenient communications.
  • Canvas or heavy duty leather cases with straps
  • Long or short-term hires.

For more more information on our radio hire services please contact us on 01538 388550