Two Way Radio Repair Service

Here at Comsco, we offer a full radio repair service for Motorola Radios including frequency analysis, battery analysis, radio testing and repairs. We use only genuine Motorola replacement parts and provide a full 3 month warranty for parts and labour.

Looking to get another brand repaired? No problem. We can also provide parts and repair services for other large brands such as Hytera, ICOM, Kenwood, Mitex and Entel. The older the radio and the longer it has been discontinued by the manufacturer, the rarer the available parts. We will try our hardest to find suitable replacement parts to offer a repair solution where possible.

Two Way Radio Repair Service UK
Two Way Radio Repair Service UK

Radio Repair, Servicing and Testing

Faulty radios can range from being an inconvenience to becoming a major issue especially where safety is concerned.
Annoying hissing, beeps, batteries lasting half an hour to no life in the radio at all! Being an electronic device they can become faulty, temperamental and although largely robust, hitting the ground at a funny angle can cause all sorts of mishaps internally.

Contact Comsco today to arrange an inspection of your faulty equipment and we will provide a repair estimate before any work is conducted. Should it be economical to you to get the equipment repaired is your decision. If a repair is not possible / not economical to the value of your radio, we will advise you so that you can be confident your wasting your valuable money.

Useful information on maintanence

Importance of regular battery analysis

Batteries are charged, used, drained and recharged continuously over and over. Modern Lithium Ion battery technology removed the dreaded memory effect of NiMh and NiCd where batteries would loose capacity by being charged from partial drain. They are designed with larger and larger capacity keeping radios running in excess of 16 hours!

You buy new batteries to keep you radios running. After a few months of continuous use that capacity of 16 hours soon starts to decrease. Is it the battery at fault? Is it the user? Is it the radio itself that’s faulty? The batteries get mixed up with the radios. Several users complain of poor battery life. How do you find the failing batteries? DO you replace all of them? Is it the batteries at all?

Time to get those batteries analysed.

Battery analysis fully charges, discharges and recharges each individual battery. After this we can provide a percentage of capacity in each battery advising you which batteries are on their way out and which are good to go back into your fleet.

Once analysed, we will clean you battery and remove any grease or corrosion to the battery contacts to ensure the battery is at its best. The battery is only as good as its capacity and ability to deliver that via metal contacts to the radio.


Staying in tune - Radio frequency drifting

When a two-way radio transmits a reference frequency is used to keep the transmit frequency within its pre-programmed target parameters. Should the reference frequency be out by more than 0.0005Mhz then the receiving radio is going to have trouble picking up the signal. This is because business radios largely use a narrow channel bandwidth of 12.5khz and for best reception the signal needs to be spot on in the middle. Drifting too far either way means the receiving radio becomes deaf to the transmission.

With radio servicing we are able to analyse where your radios transmission falls within this. Depending on the radios Make and Model this can be corrected by using specialist software to return the reference point to where it should be.

As with transmission, the radio can also become deaf to receiving transmissions. For optimal efficiency the radio should receive a test tone at 0.300Uv (Micro Volts). Past this anything up to 0.500Uv is acceptable depending on the environment it is used in. Anything greater compromises the units ability to pick up a transmission. Unfortunately, the receive tolerance is governed by the CPU and problematic to correct. If the radio remains in warranty it should be returned to the provider. If it is out of warranty the radio can be examined internally to check for any physical faults that may be responsible. Should a physical fault remain unidentified, we advise the radio to beyond economical repair as the solution would likely be to replace the motherboard.

Repair services we offer

  • Radio fault finding and testing – All Manufacturers
  • Battery analysis and conditioning – All Manufacturers
  • Radio repairs and parts – Majority of Manufacturers where available. We only use genuine parts. Should they no longer be available we will offer an alternative where possible.
  • Radio Programming – Available for Motorola, Hytera, ICOM, Entel and Mitex. Dependant in some cases on model. Other Manufacturers are supported so please ask.
  • Radio Frequency analysis and tuning – Motorola only
  • Accessory repairs and testing.

If you are lost without your radio, or your job demands that you are in constant communication and you are worried about your being without your radio then we offer a very affordable radio hire service.

We cover all aspects of two-way radio

  • Handhelds
  • Repeaters
  • Local Bases (mobiles) in-car and desk based
  • Accessories
  • Ear Kits
  • Fist Microphones
  • Antennas

We use only genuine replacement parts where they are still available and provide a full 3 month warranty for parts and labour.