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Is a Radio Case Advisable?

Is a radio case advisable? It would largely depend on the environment the radio will be used in. Below we have created a list of key areas a radio is susceptible to damage should it be used unprotected to help you draw your own conclusions. It is not an exhaustive list but it does describe areas of invisible damage where the user may not realise damage is taking place.

The main radio components susceptible to contamination, leakage and corrosion are:

  • Front Speaker – behind the grill is a piece of felt that protects the speaker from contamination. The speaker has a seal to prevent moisture, dust or splashed liquid entering the radio however it does not offer much protection against ferrous metal filings. When these build up they break through the felt and create holes in the speaker over time which can allow debris to enter the radio. Ferrous metal contamination is not always evident externally and the user may be unaware until the damage is done. A thicker case can distance the magnetic field of the speaker from the source of contamination thus reducing the problem.
  • Microphone – this is not as prone to ferrous contamination but does attract dust and debris which can block the tube from the front of the case to the microphone.
  • Top Controls – The main area of entry for contamination is via the Volume control. As this is rotated more frequently than the channel switch, any water sitting above the seal works its way past the rubber bezel into the radio itself. In a wet, dusty or contaminated environment, having some form of cover or shielding above the top of the radio will deflect an amount of this collecting.

For these reasons Comsco recommends a robust leather case that covers most of radio for harsh environments.