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Making Schools Safe and Secure with Motorola Two Way Radios

Every school, college or university, owes its students, staff and visitors a duty of care while they are on premises.

Within the boundaries of schools, colleges or universities, threats to safety and security can include injuries from accidents, natural disasters such as flooding, storms and earth movement or from acts such as vandalism, arson, theft, bullying and even personal assault. Being able to report threats and incidents quickly and reliably is essential to manage risks, contain situations and implement emergency plans.

An increasing number of educational establishments rely on school radios as their preferred method of instant communications. Whether in critical emergency situations or as tool to maintain safety and security, two way radio is found to be more efficient and cost effective than using mobile phones and less restrictive than fixed line devices.

As educational institutions have become larger and buildings more complex in construction and with more activities taking place outside school hours existing licence free analogue hand-portable two-way can be stretched beyond their designed capability and result in less than ideal coverage.

With the extended coverage, reliability, ease of use, and rugged design offered by Motorola Mototrbo Digital Radio systems, you can be confident that your communication needs will be catered for. Other benefits and additional options* include:

  • No expensive mobile phone call charges
  • You do not have the delay of waiting for a call to ring through
  • Group call in the event of emergencies
  • Group call by department*
  • Direct user to user contact*
  • Man down alarm*
  • Tailored maintenance contracts*

Keep safe and secure with school radios. Book a site visit today to see how we could tailor a Motorola two way radio system to provide your site wide communications.

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Radio Waves Utilised as a Weapon by the Military

In Afghanistan, our troops are repeatedly targeted by Drones. Although the Drones used are cheap, readily available aircraft with no offensive capability (yet), they are utilised to provide insurgents intelligence to use to carry explosives or weaponry.

Due to their small size and manoeuvrability, drones are notoriously difficult to shoot down conventionally. Cumbersome equipment such as a signal jammer could be utilised but is either unavailable to deploy and use quickly enough before the drone leaves or precise enough to knockout the drone without interfering with other Military communication systems.

Well, enter the AR-15. US soldiers have been kitted out with the AR-15 in New Kabul. The system looks like a rifle with an antenna stuck to the front, allowing it to be precisely aimed at the offending drone. With a range of 1,300ft a drone can be precisely jammed and disabled, allowing it to fall to the ground without the additional risk of ordinance being shot all over the place.

Over the last 2 years, there have been 68 drone sightings where 150 British troops are based. Although its no0t clear if the drones are being used by civilians or insurgents, it’s a concern for our troop’s welfare. With Islamic State already using camera drones armed with grenades in Iraq to target refugees, it is a serious concern.

Several Drone Defenders are now stationed on the base from the 82nd Airborne Division who are trained to use the Radio Wave Rifle which I’m sure provides some relief to the British Troops stationed there!