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Faulty Battery – Battery Contact Maintenance

Faulty Battery?

Battery Contact Maintenance

Over time you may notice that some of your radios fail to charge. In some cases the charger may fail to detect there is a faulty battery or the radio has even been inserted. Most people would jump to the conclusion that the battery has failed and it’s time for a replacement. In most cases this would be true but it may be worth inspecting the battery, especially if it has stopped charging unexpectedly.

Apart from the internal cells failing from age or prolonged use which there is little to do about, there are external components which can become contaminated interrupting charging or use.

On the back of the battery you will find the charging terminals. These need to remain clean, free of corrosion and debris. If you find these to be corroded or dirty then they will need a clean!

To do this, wipe away any loose debris from the terminals with a cloth. Next use a tooth brush and WD-40. Spray the terminals with the WD-40 and then scrub them with the toothbrush. Finally wipe away the WD-40 with a dry cloth.

On the front of the battery are the internal power terminals that supply the radio. Again check these for corrosion and contamination and use the cleaning method above if required.

Still having problems? Contact us and we can analyse the battery in our battery analysers and advise.

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