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Installing A Two-Way Radio Repeater System

When hiring radios, you may be advised you require a Two-Way Radio Repeater system. This may be needed should a large area need coverage  or there is a struggle with signal penetration due to buildings or interference.

We do offer a repeater installation and decommission service but in some cases you may decide to install yourself due to health and safety or other site access concerns.

Should you decide to install the repeater yourself, instructions will be provided and support available over the phone.

The below steps offer a guide to the process involved.

  • Setup in a suitable dry, sheltered location with access to power if running on A/C.
  • Place the repeater on a flat surface and allow clearance of the ventilation ports and fans.
  • Mount and position the antenna in a vertical position. This should be mounted away from sources of interference (such as power cables, filing cabinets, TVs etc.) if possible. If a tripod has been supplied this will need to be erected.
  • Connect the external Antenna to the Tx/Rx socket on the Repeater.
  • If you are running on A/C, simply connect the 240v Mains Lead to the repeater and power source to power up. If there is no A/C supply, and a D/C source is to be used such as a supplied battery pack then this will be connected to the D/C terminals or port depending on the repeater.
  • When the power is connected, LEDs will light up on the front panel if featured on the system in use. The repeater will remain silent until a transmission is received. When this happens the cooling fan will spin up as it repeats the broadcast.
  • When communicating via a Repeater you need to leave a brief moment after pushing your radio Push-To-Talk button to allow the repeater to start broadcasting. Not doing so may mean part of your transmission will fail to be broadcast.

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