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Do I have to carry my radio round with me all the time?

Do I have to carry my radio round with me all the time? Carrying a radio can in some circumstances be an inconvenience, especially if you need to carry other equipment and items.

While most event organisers need to stay in contact with team members by way of a two way radio, they also need to use their hands! Their hands need to be free to greet guests with hand-shakes and give instruction or directions to guests or staff. It would be good to free your hands but you need your radio to communicate with your team. Luckily, there are solution’s to this problem.

You could utilise a radio belt clip to clip the radio to your belt. This remove the needs to hold the radio whilst not in use but unless an earpiece is utilised you will likely need to remove it to talk back. We recommend that holsters and straps are worn on such occasions to carry the radio so that it is not at risk of being dropped and easier to reach when you need it. Holsters and straps are available in light weight canvas or heavy duty leather for more demanding environments.

Furthermore, the radio should be fitted with a covert ear piece with curly acoustic tube attachment worn over the ear. The two wire version enables the user to wear a second wire down a jacket or shirt sleeve with the push to talk button clipped to cuff for discreet transmissions. D-shape and G-hook varieties are also available in one, two and three wire forms and are worn over the ear. These allow the radio to be operated remotely by a PTT (push-to-talk) button built in to the earpiece or cable without carrying a radio in your hand.  Earpieces are usually the preferred option for multiple users for fast and convenient communications.

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Shopwatch Two Way Radio Schemes Help Fight Shoplifters

The introduction of radio communication systems in Shopwatch Two Way Radio Schemes to aid local shopkeepers and large store managers in the fight against crime is an invaluable asset in many towns across the country.

When shopkeepers have an instant and effective means of alerting each other and the Police to convicted and potential shoplifters, suddenly crime doesn’t pay.

Even cheque and credit fraud becomes less inviting in a town where local shops and stores can inform each other of a suspect transaction.

Once issued with a radio, the user is known on air by an allocated ‘call sign’ and not by the name of the shop. A list of these is made available with the handset.

Shopwatch rental is paid monthly and in most cases a deposit is required for the radio and charger.

Users are required to ensure that their insurance covers the replacement cost of their handset, and any accessories such as an ear piece, in the event of theft or physical damage.

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