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How Can Two Way Radio Benefit Communication Within Hotels?

Guest satisfaction is paramount for any reputable hotelier. Poor guest satisfaction and you run the risk that your guests will not be repeat customers. A proven way is effective radio communication in hotels so that there is a fast and effective response to the requirements and needs of each hotel guest. An effective tool used by a growing number of hotels is to kit out their staff with two way radios.

Utilising Two-way radio has been proven to enhance operational efficiency with reliable and quick internal communications and as a consequence improve customer satisfaction. With a two way radio, the reception staff can contact any member of the hotel team, regardless of where they are located in the hotel. Should a guest have an issue or should someone need assistance, two way radio is the quickest form of communication to lead to a resolution of the guest’s issue rather than the delay of walking to reception to report it or finding a phone.

Two way radio communication is more common in larger hotels. Quite often you find radio communication in hotels between management and staff. Often a manager will be away from the front desk inspecting the hotel and being watchful over its guests. A portable two way radio that can be carried around proves to be invaluable.

4 Watt UHF radios are a suitable option for hotels as UHF signals are effective at penetrating buildings of a steel and concrete construction. Licenced radios often have selectable channels so that individual channels can be allocated to management, security, housekeeping, and maintenance.

For a smaller establishment, licence free radios may suffice. A medium sized hotel with several floors will need licenced 4W radios to get full coverage as a 0.5 Watt licence free radio will not penetrate the structure fully. A very large hotel with 15 or more floors will need a repeater system so that the signal is propagated through the entire structure to achieve full coverage.

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Benefits of Two Way Radio Hire for First Time Users

Supervising public events or displays are frequently stressful. The benefits of two way Radio hire being used as a reliable method of communication can be the difference between success and failure. A lot of organisations find the cost of buying and maintaining their own fleet too expensive leaving radio hire as the cost effective option.

Quite a number of organisations use two way radios for the first time when hiring to run small events.

The benefits of two way radio hire are:

  • It’s the best solution as it is on a short term basis so no long term financial commitment.
  • Short term radio hire needs no capital outlay.
  • You only need to pay when you actually need them.
  • Two way radio provides an effective way for your team to communicate over a site, contributing to a well-run event.
  • Benefits health and safety for both your team and guests.
  • No expensive mobile phone call charges.

Two way radios remove the need for mobile phones for your team to communicate with each other at the same. Simply by pressing the ‘Push to Talk’ button, everyone on the selected channel can receive you. This is especially important if you need to get directions or instructions to your team clearly and quickly.

Multiple channels can be programmed into separate channels so you can split your team into groups. Examples of this would be that you could have one general channel for everyone, a channel for the car parking staff, a channel for the catering staff and a channel for the management team. This way you can select the channel of who you need to give instructions too.

Short term radio hire means you can get to use and experiment with radio technology with less financial commitment than if you bought radio equipment outright. If you find two way radio useful and think that it could provide value to your organisation, we can arrange putting them on long term hire or arrange a deal for your needs.

At Comsco, we have over 40 years of extensive industry experience and can provide you anything from simple, two way radios to complicated multichannel business radio systems.

Should you wish to discuss this further, please contact us.